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If you’re accepted into a course, you’ll be treated as if you’re enrolled at the school (yep, that means homework).

Use our web application to search for, find, and apply for the course you want at a college near you.



Us + schools

Using our platform, colleges can post courses that they’d like non-matriculated students to apply for.

How it works

Find a course


Go to class

Take a class during the summer to catch up on credits or explore areas of interest


Get access to a wide variety of courses


Develop skills to prepare yourself for a career


Taking one course at a time offers a convenient, flexible approach to college

High school students

Why should I use Coursenova?

College students

Exposure to full-time college coursework, making the transition after high school easier


Explore academic areas of interest before declaring a major in college


Stand out on college applications


Get a jumpstart on college credits

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